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  • Several cable and WiFi networks with credential type based differentiated access are available At FBK. Access is available both from FBK offices and remotely through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). WiFi networks are federated with Eduroam, FreeLuna and Trentino Network to allow access with FBK credentials.

    Network and Internet
  • FBK offers a fast, high-storage, safe e-mail system, with centralized and customizable antivirus and antispam services, accessible from any device (PCs, tablets, smartphones), from any client, and any network. The system also provides management of calendars, contacts, meetings, activities, mailing lists, both personal and shared. It offers as well a number of audio and video conferencing systems based on IP protocols.

  • Desktops and laptops, managed centrally or individually, tablets, smart phones and in general any device that supports Ethernet or WiFi 801.b/g/n can be connected on the different networks present at FBK. The centralized printing service allows users to print from all the networks on over a hundred of printers located throughout FBK.

    Hardware resources
  • Major operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) are supported at FBK and applications can be either purchased or rented at very low rate special contracts for education and research. All centrally managed PCs are automatically updated and checked. Additionally, a server allows even remote use of Ms Office to Linux users.

    Software resources
  • FBK can count on several file servers, Windows and Linux, and a SVN server, all accessible from local or remote networks, on which users can store documents and files. To ensure file availability, servers are replicated in another data center every two hours and copied onto magnetic tape every night. Virtual servers are available for special needs.

    Storage and network
  • A number of platforms are available for website creation and management (Drupal, SharePoint, Wikis). They are managed by the Technology Innovation unit as far as technology tools are concerned and by the communications unit for all content related issues.

    Web infrastructure and applications
  • FBK is equipped with a high-performance computing (HPC) system in support of research units and centers that collaborate with the foundation. This type of system allows the solving of complex computational problems and the processing of high-intensity data in different disciplines, while reducing processing time.

    HPC system
  • FBK offers its collaborators a range of logistics related services such as food, parking, mail, internal relocations, office furniture, fleet management.