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Fax Servers

To receive a FAX

You may ask to have your FAX machine replaced with a virtual FAX machine. Once configured, the service will forward incoming faxes to an e-mail distribution group.
For more information please contact us at

Main advantages:

  • No paper waste
  • Energy saving
  • Faster and easier use
  • Increased privacy

To send a FAX

To send a FAX please attach one or more PDF documents to an email message and send the message to the address where "nnnnnnnnnn" is the fax number.

Subject and message text will be ignored.

The Fax Server will return an email with a delivery report.

Please write the phone number in a standard way, without spaces or separators and with the international country code.
- , where 0461 is the Trento code
- , where 001 is the United States code

Please remember to specify on the cover sheet the fax number where you wish to receive any replies as the phone number used for outgoing faxes is not enabled for incoming ones.

Note: You may send PDF documents only.