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What IT, Infrastructures and Corporate Assets deals with

The IT, Infrastructures and Corporate Assets Service is responsible for the following activities:

  • drafting and managing its budget;
  • coordinating the activities of the units affiliated with the Service;
  • maintaining relationships with entities, both local and national, for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of the Service’s concern;
  • ensuring the logistics management of the Foundation;
  • determining final awards and entering into contracts for the supply of goods and services for amounts not exceeding the EU threshold, in accordance with the planning deeds approved by the Board of Directors
  • entering into contracts for the procurement of works, including regular and long-term maintenance, pursuant to Provincial Act 26/1993 up to 500,000 Euros or other threshold defined by the same Provincial Act;
  • carrying out  all operations aimed at ensuring safety conditions and regulatory compliance of the buildings and technical installations of FBK’s facilities;
  • ensuring, within the guidelines of the Board of Directors, the scheduling of construction works and feasibility plans and taking care of their design, by giving professional assignments to third parties
  • with regard to construction and plant engineering, coordinating safety during the design, execution and accounting stages, entrusting assignments to third parties for construction supervision
  • ensuring the fulfillment of the steps necessary for the testing procedures and fitness for habitation certification of the works;
  • drafting of high or specific competence contracts up to € 20,000.00; maintaining accounting records, namely the asset inventory management
  • defining, making and managing insurance contracts in order to protect the real estate and movable assets of the Foundation;
  • ensuring transparency and information about services through:
    • a management system of support activities;
    • maintaining a website containing the Service Charter, the Policies, the description of the services provided, the documentation of access procedures to services, a Web and RSS news service, which warns users of any news, changes or interruptions to services;
    • initiating a periodic system for customer satisfaction analysis.
  • constant updating of the "Transparent Administration" page on the institutional web site of the Foundation;