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The Kore cluster

Kore is the largest HPC system at FBK. It is located in the Povo DataCenter.

  1. Kore consists of several (109 at the time of writing) compute nodes (called Blades), two file servers, one logon server and one management server.
  2. The compute nodes are two sockets Intel Xeon quadcore blades, 8/12 cores, with RAM between 16 and 756 GBytes. More than 1,120 cpu cores and about 8TB of RAM memory  are overall installed in the cluster. The local hard disks range from 100GB to 300GB and are used for temporary storage (scratch area).
  3. The file servers host DAS and SAN storage, connected through SAS and iSCSI interfaces, and export the storage to the compute nodes, the logon server and the management server, using NFS (network file system). The total amount of storage space is about 300TB.
  4. Sun Grid Engine (SGE) is used as the queue system for batch processing and to launch interactive sessions.
  5. Kore runs Linux (Scientific Linux) as OS and is configured without a swap file.
  6. The “Logon Server” acts as a front-end for users and it is accessible using SSH. No NFS or SSH connections are allowed between blades.
  7. A “Management server”, not directly accessible to users, is used for running management daemons like SGE QMaster, Ganglia, etc.