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Virtual Servers

Research Units that need to activate IT services on trusted or DMZ networks can request the IT, Infrastructures, and Corporate Assets Service to set up temporary virtual servers.

These servers are designed to facilitate research and enable the units to test their applications quickly and at no cost. They are not designed to replace infrastructural servers such as file, print or web servers. This type of solution will enable FBK to save time, money and energy.

Every Research Unit can have 16 GB RAM of memory that can be spread onto up to 6 servers (at least 2 GB each). Each server will have the following technical specifications:
- 60 GB Hard Disk
- Last version of RedHat Enterprise or last version of LTS Ubuntu

Every Unit may request two additional CPU COREs to be assigned freely.

Virtual servers must not be used for long running CPU intensive tasks. In these cases, you should use the Kore HPC cluster.

Data and application backups are provided by the IT, Infrastructures, and Corporate Assets Service.

The use of these servers is governed by the same rules that apply to physical servers, as described in the document “Policy for the use of IT systems”.

To access the service, the head of your research unit must send an email to with the following information:
- operating system
- applications
- network (trusted or DMZ)
- Any changes in disk space and RAM
- name of the person in charge of the server

Special requests will be considered based on available resources.

Your request, with the exception of non-standard applications, will be processed within three working days.