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Office application server

An application server is available for all users, that can be accessed directly from the FBK trusted networks and indirectly through the FBK untrusted networks, with the following applications:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Reader

On this server, given its particular characteristics, additional rules have been implemented, that must be accepted when logging in.

Welcome to FBK Office Server
This is a Microsoft Office application server.
Please do not execute or install unauthorized applications.
We do not make backup copies of this server.
Please save your files on a different server.
All personal files will be periodically deleted to keep the disk clean.
Please contact us should you require any further information.
Technology Innovation,


Helpful instructions

Remote Desktop connection

Open remmina and fill the Remote Desktop Preference fields as shown in the image below.


Add printers

Open File Explorer (File Explorer Icon) and type \\print in the address bar. A number of printer devices will be listed. Dobble click on the name of your chosen printer.

Open network folder

Open File Explorer and type the network folder (i.e. \\fbk\ricerca or \\fbk\servizi\Passaggi) in the address bar

Create a desktop shortcut on the Office application server

Open File Explorer and type the network folder  in the address bar. Drag and drop the url from the address bar to the Office application server desktop.

End session from the Office application server

Click on the Office application server desktop inside your remote desktop connection and type the following keyboard shortcuts: ALT+F4.