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Centrally managed computers

Only centrally managed computers may be connected to the FBK trusted networks and may run one of the supported operating systems, at the user's choice: Windows, RedHat Linux and MacOS X.

These computers are automatically configured and periodically updated  and only System Administrators are authorised to make changes that require Administrator or Root User access.

SIT is responsible for setting up managed computers. Certain applications for which the FBK has purchased licences will be installed on computers running Windows: MS‐Office, WinZip, Symantec Antivirus. At the user’s request, the SIT will also install other applications for which the FBK has purchased licences, or which are freely available.

All computers running Windows, RedHat Linux and Solaris will be updated automatically by the SIT in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 196/03. Updates will normally take place every month and will be announced with a number of days’ notice on this website.

The SIT will provide hardware and software support for these computers according to the SLA.