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Non-centrally managed laptops

IT tools that are not managed centrally, whether owned by FBK or privately owned, may be connected to the FBK untrusted networks only.

You may use a non-centrally managed FBK IT tool upon acceptance of liability terms described in the article that sets out the acceptance of computers by researchers and technologists (IV‐11 of the Privacy Regulations).

At the user’s request, SIT will install Windows or RedHat Linux on non‐managed FBK laptops.
Certain applications for which FBK has purchased licences will be installed on computers running Windows: MS‐Office, WinZip and Symantec Antivirus.
The user is responsible for purchasing and installing other operating systems and applications, in compliance with legal obligations concerning intellectual property rights.

SIT will provide hardware support based on the SLA for FBK non-centrally managed laptops. Since this usage method is intended for expert users, and due to the difficulty in providing support for a wide range of operating systems and applications, SIT will provide support with the configuration of computers, connection to the untrusted networks and resolution of problems only through the documents on this website.