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Remote access to FBK trusted networks

FBK trusted networks can be accessed remotely from any external network or from the internal untrusted networks via an SSL VPN. The internal services accessible via the SSL VPN are as follows:

  •  SSH
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • remote desktop, X11
  • ports from 50000 to 50009 for research applications
  • NFS file server and Windows DFS structures \\fbk\servizi and \\fbk\ricerca (trough a web interface)


Access via SSL VPN

Connect to and authenticate with your credentials for the trusted networks. The following features will be provided by the web application:


File servers and DFS

Just use the web interface to browse the servers and to download and upload files.


Web Bookmarks

Click on the plus button to add your favorite internal web sites.


Remote Desktop Terminal sessions on NTTS

On Windows: just click on the server to open a Remote Desktop connection.

On Mac: this feature is not supported, please install Pulse from this document.

On Linux: this feature is not supported, please install Pulse (.rpm, .deb) from this document.


Other services

For other services on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android you need to install Pulse (download available at the bottom of this page NEW version as January 22,2017):

  • Open the application and create a new connection
  • Connection name: user choice (e.g. FBK VPN)
  • URL:
  • User name: enter your FBK username

For linux access you need to run the following command (change MYUSERNAME with your FBK username):

/usr/local/pulse/ -r Fbk_AD_realm -u MYUSERNAME -h


Access via SSH

To obtain access to the local computer via SSH you need to request an ssh public key.
Please send your request to
When you receive the key, please copy into


Now you will be able to connect from any remote computer to the FBK computer where you have copied the public key.

These are the commands for ssh access:



        host name:
        user:           user%host

once connected, you will be asked to provide your password, then you will be connected to the specified local FBK computer.