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Food service

FBK food service rules:

  • FBK employees and collaborators, as well as the staff of its authorized and partner organizations can use the cafeteria service with their badge, while bar meals require either the use of a Bluticket card or cash payment.
  • Authorized guests whose meals are not charged to FBK, may have lunch at the cafeteria by purchasing a meal voucher at the bar; bar meals require either cash payment or the use of a Bluticket card.
  • Authorized guests whose meals are charged to FBK,  may use the cafeteria if accompanied by an FBK employee or collaborator, who will use his/her own badge for the guests by swiping once for him/herself and once for each guest and who will provide the cafeteria clerk first and last name, and affiliation of the guests. The system will automatically send an e-mail to the badge owner and to his/her cost center manager.
  • Reservations for meals in the small dining rooms or in meeting rooms must be placed through the webpage
  • You can place your online order for the takeout lunch every day  from 8:00 am to 10:00 am through this link. To use the service, you must have the e-mail credentials provided by FBK, and with these log in on the website through the "LOGIN WITH GOOGLE" button. The application works both on smartphones and on computers. Companies or entities in agreement with CIR Food who want access to the service and who are not in possession of email credentials provided by FBK can write to . Once you logged in, in addition to consulting the daily menu, you can choose and book one of the two available menus: "Sandwich Menu" and "Salad menu". Meals pick up will be available from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm; to pick up you will need to use the FBK badge.

The cafeteria meal includes:

  • n. 1 first course
  • n. 1 main course
  • n. 1 cooked or raw side
  • n. 1 fruit or dessert
  • n. 1 coffee voucher
  • drinks from soda fountains
  • n. 2 rolls

Note: you may exchange the first course or the main course with another side or with another fruit or dessert.


  • Povo cafeteria: from 11:45 am until 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday
  • Povo bar: from 7:45 am until 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday