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FBK vehicles booking

The following workers are entitled to booking FBK vehicles:

  • For trips limited to the Municipality of Trento, all FBK staff members holding a regular driving license (class B license minimum) and subject to the authorization by the Prevention and Protection Service automatically entered in the staff member’s personal records at the time they start working at FBK
  • For trips outside the Municipality of Trento, the administrative assistants of the locations of affiliation.
  • The booking of commercial vehicles (vans) is processed by the Corporate Assets Unit;
  • In order to book a car, the entitled Applicant must:
    a) log onto the intranet address, click on the selected car, indicate date and time of the trip and enter all required information (driver, destination and passengers, if applicable)
    b) print and sign the completed online Booking Form and turn it in at the concierge lodge at the time of picking up the car keys;
    The Form will be withheld by the Concierge officer until the vehicle is returned and later on submitted to the Management Oversight office for expense reimbursement purposes, if applicable;
  • For trips inside the Municipality of Trento, bookings must be made on the same day in which the car will be used;
  • Passengers other than those listed on the online Booking Form will not be admitted;
  • When non FBK-employees need to be transported, the Applicant must contact the administrative assistants in order to enter their names in the online Booking Form;
  • Non service-related trips or trips not for purposes not related with the institution are not allowed.
  • FBK vehicles can be used for service purposes only; in the event of a check, it will be the responsibility of the user to produce evidence of such purposes.