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Getting started

At FBK, the design, management and support of IT and communication systems are managed by the group called IT, Infrastructures, and Corporate Assets. Should you need assistance with any of the related services, you may try one of the following (in order):

• Read the FAQ section or the description of IT services on the website;

• Send an email to (your request will be processed through a ticketing system);

• Call our support reps at the numbers you will find here.

 Our regular working hours are 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. but we also provide assistance, for urgent matters, after hours as set out in our Service Level Agreement, described here.

To use our IT services and connect your computer or other devices to the FBK networks, you need your FBK access credentials. In case you do not have them you can request them either to the Prevention and Protection Service or to us.

Different types of devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc) can be connected to FBK's four sites, namely Povo, Povo Cascata, S. Croce, Villazzano via either ethernet or WiFi. Ethernet cables and the “FbkWf” WiFi network  are reserved to devices owned by FBK, centrally managed by IT, Infrastructures, and Corporate Assets. WiFi networks “FbkGuests” and “Eduroam” can be accessed by any other device, either FBK-owned or private, through regular credentials or, in case of visitors, through temporary credentials issued by our office. Please DO NOT connect private computers to Ethernet cables.

Printers can be accessed from all networks. File Servers can be accessed from all the networks and are periodically replicated on disk and on tape so that data availability is guaranteed.

You can access your email account from your program of preference, as described here, and via the WEB at the address using your FBK account.

Access from outside the FBK networks can be achieved through two different VPN (Virtual Private Network) systems described here.