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Mail Delivery

The incoming and outgoing mailboxes in the via Sommarive 18 buildings are organized for research units and support services (they are not personal).

Below you will find all the distribution points:

  • On the ground floor of the West building:
    • ICT Research Units and Special Projects
    • AIRT
    • Companies hosted in Povo
  • On the top floor of the East building, near the Director office:
    • CMM Research Units and Special Projects
  • On the first floor of the West Building:
    • President
    • General Secretary
    • Legal Affairs
  • On the second floor of the North building:
    • Human Resources
    • Corruption Prevention and Transparency Unit
    • Tenders and contracts
    • Administration
    • Health and Safety
    • IT, Infrastructures and Corporate Assets
    • Communication and Events
    • Research Assessment

At the four distribution points you find a mailbox for outgoing mail, internal and external.