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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) regulating user support and critical service restoration is described below.

User support

Business hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday 
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The SLA general terms are as follows:

  • service request: no time limits, via email;
  • service request processing: within 4 business hours from request;
  • resolution:
    • within 8 business hours from service request, except in the case of specific user requirements and subject to availability of materials and equipment, in 90% of cases;
    • in the event of repairs under warranty, the above time frames might be longer depending on the time required for repair by the supplier.

In order to optimize service response times and improve the quality and traceability of the service, SIT customer requests will be accepted via email only. Please submit your request to: . Given the difficulty in filtering incoming spam messages, it is not possible to guarantee the processing of requests from non-FBK email addresses. In order to guarantee processing transparency, confirmation messages will be sent to users when service requests are received, processed and closed.


Disruption of critical services

In case of disruption of services critical to the progress of FBK’s activities, business hours are 24x7x365.

In this case, SIT will respond according to the following SLA:

  • Assistance request processing: within 8 hours from receipt of request;
  • resolution: within 8 hours of assistance request processing, in 90% of cases;
  • guaranteed availability of services provided on a continuous basis: 98%.

You may report the disruption of critical services:

  • from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am until 5:00 pm: by sending an email to
  • after regular business hours: by calling the Foundation's Povo location (0461.314444), that will alert the Infrastructure unit. 

The following services are covered by this SLA: internet connectivity, email, main file servers and main web servers.


Please submit any Suggestions and observations to . Your observations will be discussed with our research contacts and used to improve our services.

SIT reserves the right to assess the urgency and priority of assistance requests based on the seriousness of the problem.