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Networks and the Internet

Network and Internet

Several cable and WiFi networks with credential type based differentiated access are available At FBK. Access is available both from FBK offices and remotely through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). WiFi networks are federated with Eduroam, FreeLuna and Trentino Network to allow access with FBK credentials.

How do I access the Internet from my private PC/smartphone/tablet?

Computers and other personal devices can be connected to the wireless or to the wired network.
WiFi: join the "Eduroam" Wireless Network (more information available here [1])
Ethernet: configure your computer to use 802.1X protocol (more information available here [2])
In both cases, authenticate with your trusted FBK credentials adding the "" domain (i.e. ).
Note: the wired network is reserved to users with FBK credentials, the wireless network is also available to guests from participating institutions.