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Storage and network services

Storage and network

FBK can count on several file servers, Windows and Linux, and a SVN server, all accessible from local or remote networks, on which users can store documents and files. To ensure file availability, servers are replicated in another data center every two hours and copied onto magnetic tape every night. Virtual servers are available for special needs.

How to connect to GitLab?

GitLab can be accessed through SSH or HTTPS. From the FBK internal network both protocols can be used, while from external networks only HTTPS is available.


In order to connect to GitLab through SSH, you need an SSH Key. In your Gitlab profile you can add a key or find instructions to generate a new one. In your Gitlab projects home you can find the main commands to manage your repository.


How can I copy a file from a home PC to an FBK network connected PC/server and vice versa?

Use the SSL VPN web application at (see for details).

* If the file destination is a FBK shared folder (\\fbk\...) please use the
related links in /Files/ section to browse and upload files.
* If you need to copy the file into a Linux computer, please *Start* the
/Network Connection/ applet in the /Client Application Sessions/ section
and use direct SSH/SCP to copy such file to the target workstation.