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Issue ticketing application

An internal issue ticketing system called FBK Help has been adopted by the following FBK Services:

  • IT, Infrastructures, and Corporate Assets ( )
  • Technical Service ( )
  • Financial Department (Controllo Gestione AKA CoGe) ( )
  • Pool of secretaries ( )
  • Safety & Prevention ( )
  • Human Resources ( )
  • Purchasing Department ( )
  • Communication ( )

Customer requests may be submitted to the above email addresses only. Given the difficulty of filtering incoming spam messages, we cannot guarantee the receipt of requests from non‐FBK email addresses. In order to guarantee the transparency of the process, confirmation messages will be sent to users upon receipt, acceptance and closure of assistance services.

The web application is only accessible from the FBK network (via VPN from outside the institute's buildings) with a common web browser.